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Nasmyth Technologies Ltd

Nasmyth Technologies Ltd was acquired by Nasmyth Group in 2006. Located in Wimborne, Dorset, the company specialises in sheet metal fabrications, welding and prismatic machining. This expertise is called upon to manufacture components, sub-assemblies and large structural fabrications for the aerospace, defence and associated industries.

Key capabilities...

Fine limit, high quality sheet metal assemblies can be produced in all alloys, aluminium, lithium, inconel, mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, zinc and most plastics. Advanced TIG welding systems can be used to precision engineer sheet metal assemblies and fabrications up to 3.5m long and 32 inches in diameter. Our 5 axis CNC equipment machines components to 1.7m in length.

Integrated solutions...

Nasmyth Tecnologies is widely recognised as a benchmark supplier of aerospace and defence industry components and fabrications. Our unique approach to project management allows us to carefully control the entire production process from concept to manufacturing, delivery and installation.